Chermside QldChermside is another of Brisbane’s suburbs and is located almost directly north of Brisbane itself. The area and some of the smaller areas surrounding it are known as mini-CBD. This means that if you move here, you are going to get all the feel of a bigger city, the noises, and lights, with the security of it being in a smaller, more manageable and comfortable setting. Simply put, the reason it is mini-CBD is partial that business is booming, and people are flocking to the area.

In the most current update, the Brisbane public transportation network is about to add the Northern Busway to its list of options and Chermside is going to be an essential part of that connector. The busway is a road that only buses can travel, making driving safer for the buses and cars alike as neither will have to look out for the other. Given Chermside’s attractions, the Busway is a great addition to travel into and out of the suburb.

Chermside boasts Queensland’s largest shopping center, which included a three-story Myer and a 16 screen theater complex. All of this screams shoppers and industry for the area, an excellent addition to the growing suburb. It is also one of the more established suburbs in the Brisbane area. With a shopping center that is the biggest in the area, the people of Brisbane never have to want for anything, they can only head to Chermside and find it there.

The area boasts other attractions as well, thanks to the shopping center. Restaurants flourish in this area, as shoppers leave worn down and hungry. The library is one of the bigger libraries in the Brisbane City collection. And of course, there are parks and an aquatic center for physical activity and to help people get back in shape after splurging at the numerous restaurants in the area.
According to some individuals who live there, the suburb is a great place for physical activity, shopping, and its proximity to many of the things that one would want to indulge in. The community members also love the proximity to the bus links, not to mention some of the sporting activities that occur on the weekends, including a hockey team and a club cricket team. Te members of this community do warn potential movers that you cannot walk to the railway station and that traffic builds up at times due to poorly planned and timed traffic lights.

Chermside is a booming place of consumerism. Hit the shopping center for a movie and then some shopping before heading out to any one of the many restaurants flanking the building. Utilize the parks and fitness equipment, as well as the aquatic center, to get fit and be active. Catch a bus to the other suburbs or into the heart of Brisbane itself. Whatever you choose to do, Chermside is a place that can offer it all and can claim any new person, young or old, and make them comfortable in mini-CBD.