Enoggera RoadThe Enoggera suburb of Brisbane is located North-west of the city. The suburb is roughly eight kilometers from the city. Interestingly enough, the town was originally supposed to be named Euogerra, which means song and dance, giving the suburb a fun and vibrant name. The suburb has a creek crossing known as Buyuba, which means shin of leg, probably about the dancing. In the Aboriginal language, Euogerra was supposed to be a ceremonial place of dance. It has been a part of the City of Brisbane since 1925. The western portion of the suburb is home to Enoggera Hill, part of a larger mountain range in the area.

The suburb of Enoggera is one of the younger areas of Australia, boasting a median age under the age of thirty, some eight years younger than that of Australia’s national average. What this means is that technology and change are present in this suburb, unlike in some of the older communities in Australia. The community is nearly 90 percent Caucasian, and almost everyone speaks English as their predominant language, making visiting easy enough for visitors from other English-speaking countries, with the random mix up in local slang and verbiage of course.

If you are into sports, Enoggera is the home to Memorial Park, the grounds that the Brisbane Irish Rugby team calls home. Lovingly known as the McBrats, you may have heard of this team due to a lawsuit filed by burger giant McDonald’s which claimed that their company trademarked the “Mc.” Luckily for the Brisbane Irish, and the sanity of those around the world, the courts ruled in Brisbane’s favor, allowing them to continue the use of the McBrats nickname across their shorts.

The Enoggera suburb is up and coming, providing more green space for people than some of the others while still being close enough to Brisbane to make getting there a breeze. The suburb is known for being family friendly while also being a respite for the younger singles who don’t want to live in the hustle and bustle of the city. The parks provide peace and safe places to visit for the families and members of the community. With its bike and walking trail and some of the classes offered at the pool, Enoggera is quite the place for the active person.

In summary, if you are looking for a place to settle down, there are few places better in all of Australia that you could choose than Enoggera. The safety and peacefulness provided by the parks and lack of nightlife ensure that your family will experience a high level of security. The restaurants that are in town are sure to know who you are sooner rather than later and will build a community feeling with you. The proximity to Brisbane allows people to make the trek into the city and experience all that Brisbane has to offer as well, before returning to their peaceful lives in the suburbs. By rail, bus, or car, one cannot go wrong traveling to or from Enoggera.

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